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Realtors, Brokers & Lenders


3sixt construction, inc. provides a wide variety of services in order to accommodate you with a smooth transaction process. In the circumstance where you are representing a seller, we can provide cost analysis of what would be required to make the property market ready in order to get the maximum dollar amount. If representing the buyer, we can also provide a cost sheet, timeline and our expertise to turn the existing property into what the buyer desires.

3sixt construction, inc. provides an array of trade services completed by “one team”. With “one call”, we will cater to your itemized list of inspection/punch list repairs. Instead of calling several companies, and dealing with multiple appointments, we will offer you a one-stop service to absolutely everything! This ensures all parties a single point of accountability with licensed professionals for your needs.  

No matter your role in the transaction, by utilizing our skilled/expertise opinion and services, your client will be provided with exceeded expectations in both final product and maximum profit. 



Property Management Companies


3sixt construction, inc. is structured to provide a wide variety of services to management companies.    Our team will allow you to avoid constant contact with in-house workers, various different subcontractors, payroll, scheduling, quality control, and all different types of liability.

This sense of security will give you, the management company, the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your work, while we provide for all of your client’s construction needs, resulting in a unified finish product with professionalism and quality.



Design Firms


            3sixt construction, inc. can also tailor to your entire specific and custom needs to ensure that your final product meets your client’s expectations both in terms of quality and aesthetics. Over the years, we’ve built a solid relationship with various design firms in order to expedite the process toward a finished product. We hope that by working with you, we can give you a sense of ease knowing that your visual blueprint will come to life under your direction and expertise. 






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